Kwik Bandit™ Tie — world's fastest, toughest, safest tie. Reusable, all weather resistant, planet friendly.


EDMONTON, ALBERTA (PRWEB) September 26, 2017

Introducing Kwik Bandit™ Tie, World's Fastest, Toughest, Safest Tie

Reusable, all weather resistant, and planet friendly, Kwik Bandit™ Tie was developed to provide a safer alternative to the bungee cord—to prevent eye and facial injuries. In the case of bungee cords failing or becoming unhooked, there is a sudden release of stored energy resulting in high-speed flailing hazard. read more...

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As the Energy Sector is getting squeezed to lower operating costs in Alberta with the sagging oil prices, so are the companies that provide services to this sector. One such company is LB Energy specializing in tank trucks, potable water, fresh water and pressure trucks based out of Whitecourt in Northern Alberta. Despite the low oil prices, many companies are as busy as they've ever been and gaining new business through innovative
thinking. LB Energy, President Layne Brown says "We need to stay competitive and keep a constant eye on our operating costs. If there is an opportunity to become more efficient or mitigate our risk as it applies to safety and compliance, we need to seek out those solutions." It is through this innovative thinking that Brown partnered with Kwik Bandit CEO Ryan Comaniuk to rollout the Kwik Bandit Hose Tray Fastening System.

Recognizing the need to better manage risk associated to Provincial Commercial Vehicle Legislation, Brown states: "The choice was easy, the whole industry has been searching for a better solution to secure hose tray loads." Simply put, Kwik Bandit is that solution. I can't afford to have a truck sidelined due to an insecure load".

LB Energy Operations Manager, Jason Ethier spoke to the specific challenges he faced prior to retrofitting the entire fleet to the Kwik Bandit system. "The OEM's chain assembly is not adjustable and does not cinch down over the hoses, the load will often shift and hoses can become dislodged or lost in transit. The chain assemblies and carabineer hooks quickly rust and seize becoming inoperable". Other secondary measures to the hose tray such as conventional ratchet straps and standard bungee cords are non-adjustable, difficult to anchor and become easily dislodged and lost. "I love the Kwik Bandit system because it covers all the bases and is very functional for my driver's". I have piece of mind knowing my driver's finally have a dependable system and won't get sidelined by the Commercial Enforcement Inspectors". Ethier says, "time is money, the Kwik Bandit Hose Tray Fastening System allows me to manage my fleet and driver's and mitigate risk... that's my job".

August 2015 - Jana G. Pruden | Postmedia Network |


An Alberta Mountie hopes he will soon see Bandits in every basement, garage, shop and workplace around the country.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Ryan Comaniuk invented the Kwik Bandit three years ago, after being inspired while ice fishing on Long Lake to create a new kind of fastener that could replace bungee cords, zip ties and ratchet straps.

“I started thinking it would be nice to invent an elastic strap that secures itself, essentially, without the use of hooks or a clasp that locks the device in,” said Comaniuk, who currently heads the Whitecourt RCMP detachment. read more...