Kwik Bandit™ Tie — world's fastest, toughest, safest tie. Reusable, all weather resistant, planet friendly.



Adventure • Backpacking • Biking • Camping • Fishing • Hiking • Survival • Water Sports

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Kwik Bandit™ Tie can be used for tying and bundling almost anything in your outdoor adventures. Instead of bungees cords, zip ties and straps in your possession, all you need a single piece of gear that has unlimited uses.

With its varying sizes and strength, its uses are endless. For example: tying gear to your backpack, securing ropes, on sail boats, on quads, snowmobiles, in the camp site, securing patio umbrellas, holding lanterns and much more.

Kwik Bandit Tie is made from very durable rubber that has been tested for high stress and repetitive exposure to harsh environments. It lasts longer than conventional binding and banding products such as bungees, fabric fasteners or rope. Even after thousands of uses, Kwik Bandit Tie stands strong, ready to use, again and again.


Binding • Cable • Garage • Gardening • Mounting • Strapping


Use Kwik Bandit™ Tie for a multitude of applications around the yard, house, shed, or garage. Easily wrap cords, hoses, computer cables and audio cables.

Use it to help organize your tools and equipment in the garage or shed. Secure and remove Christmas lights from your balcony railing. In the garden use it as a plant support system, to bind your stakes and so much more. Simple and easy to use, one should have a supply of Kwik Bandit Ties handy at all times.


Agriculture • Gardening Centres • Landscaping • Nurseries • Vineyards

agriculture gardening  

Kwik Bandit™ Tie has thousands of uses in the gardening, horticulture and vineyard industries. It's easy on plants — and the planet. Kwik Bandit Tie provides you with a simple and easy way to stake trees, train vines, manage hoses and cords, secure tools and equipment, keep gates closed, secure ladders, organize your shed, bundle pipes, provide trellis support and nurture plants.

This versatile tie is used by vineyards, greenhouses, nursery centres, landscapers and more. Highly UV resistant, reusable and stretchable, the Kwik Bandit Garden Tie will become an indispensable part of your gardening experience. Just stretch, wrap and lock.

Small and quick to apply, Kwik Bandit Tie is easily stored in a glove box, tool box or drawer to be used when needed. No cumbersome knotted ropes and ratchets, and no clumsy and dangerous bungee hooks.

Whatever you're growing or wherever you are, you're using a superior product to train, stake, nurture, support and bundle. Nothing is as simple, versatile and durable as the Kwik Bandit Tie. Tested from -50C (-58F) to +120°C (+248°F) temperatures it is poised to become the leader in these industries.


Boats • Golf Carts • Quads • Power Sports • RV

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Kwik Bandit™ Tie is the modern, safer, and more versatile alternative to the bungee cord. Easy to use in any weather, and always safer. The number of uses are endless.

It's ideal for securing small to medium sized sports equipment to a roof rack, trailer hitches, securing RV cupboards, managing extension cords and hoses, and securing ladders. These easy to use locking straps require no knots or complex ratchet straps — just a simple stretch, wrap and lock!


Bundling • Construction • Heavy Industry • Safety • Strapping • Tie Down • Transportation


Kwik Bandit™ Tie is the perfect tool for load management, securing loads and so much more. It started as an oilfield tool and quickly evolved to support trades companies, general contractors and heavy industry. It is often used as a cam lock safety device, standing up to the harshest of conditions.

The Heavy Duty Kwik Bandit Tie (24”) is our strongest product and has become popular in heavy industry and construction. It is the ideal solution for grouping and bundling pipes, or securing heavier loads and binding materials during work.



Within the fluid hauling sector, we introduce you to our Hose Tray Fastening System. Designed to secure hose tray loads and keep hoses from dislodging or being lost in transit. Easier to use than OEM chain assemblies. Tested in the harshest conditions of northern Canada.

Trucking Hose Tray Management System

Kwik Bandit™ Tie takes only minutes to install — no more fighting with rusted threaded connectors or carabiners. Fully adjustable and takes minutes to install (watch our video). UV resistant and withstands temperatures of -50C (-58F) to +120°C (+248°F).

OEM chain assemblies are not adjustable and do not cinch down over the hoses, thus loads will often shift and hoses become dislodged or lost in transit. Kwik Bandit Tie covers all the bases, and is very functional for drivers.

This management system is composed of four 24-inch Kwik Bandit Ties complete with receiver clips to secure hoses on tanker trucks.

I love the Kwik Bandit system because it covers all the bases and is very functional for my drivers. I have peace of mind knowing my drivers finally have a dependable system and won’t get sidelined by the Commercial Enforcement Inspectors." — Jason Ethier, Operation’s Manager LB Energy

The industry has been searching for a better solution to secure hose tray loads — Kwik Bandit™ Tie is that solution!


Three easy steps: Stretch, Wrap, Lock!  One of our goals was to design a product to replace dangerous binding products that cause serious workplace injuries from normal operation.